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About The Asylum Fight Team

The Asylum Fight Team is a free MMA / Submission grappling club.


We founded the club on the belief that there lot of people would like to train or cross train but are not in a financial position to do so and we  don't think money should be the sole roadblock to doing something you love. Life is about more than money and Martial Arts can be a path to making your life better. 

 Asylum classes will be free but my partnership with Universal will require students join the gym for $20.00 on a month to month basis......

Train to get in shape, learn self defense, compete or just for fun. The goal of The Asylum Fight Gym Vegas is to provide real training in a safe, friendly low stress ego free environment. We are dedicated to helping every student meet their meet their training goals. 

We only teach those 15 years old and over and our students range from beginners to competitive fighters. 

We train both Mixed Martial Arts and Submission Grappling.


Act NOW --- while we are still accepting new students


Space is limited 

Since June of 2015 The Asylum Fight Team has helped countless people achieve their goals.. 

From losing weight and getting in shape to learning self defense or becoming a fighter.. Some just because they enjoy the training ..

We help make dreams come true. No politics, No BS just good hard training in a spirit of helping each other get better..   


Call TODAY--(201) 800-1927



The classes are free but you must join the health club for $20,00 per month.... 

Are you going to keep waiting and make excuses or are you going to make your dreams come true? 

It's all up to you..  

Class Schedule


3075 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89121

Inside Universal Fitness Center


Monday Class:

Tuesday Class:
6:00pm Striking
7:00pm Submission Grappling

Wednesday Class:

Thursday Class:
6:00pm Striking
7:00pm Submission Grappling

Saturday Class:

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Asylum Fight Team

3075 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121, United States

Inside Universal Fitness Center 201-800-1927